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The benefits of a wooden floor

17th August 2018

If you would like a wooden floor but you are worried about the initial cost, fear not. The cost will be greatly outweighed by the benefits you will gain with a good quality wooden floor.

Wooden floors are durable, they can look great as they age and if you take care of them they will still be looking their best for years to come. Trends can come and go, but a wooden floor will always be in style. When they become scratched or damaged with wear and tear over the years, they can be renovated by sanding them down and resealing them with a good quality polish.

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They are simple to clean with a brush or vacuum and you can clean up spills and muck with a mop. Wooden floors do not hold onto odours like a carpet would, they are much more hygienic than a carpet and they don’t harbour allergens and parasites.

If you do decide to fit a wooden floor, this is the perfect time to install underfloor heating. The two projects work well together saving you both time and money. Underfloor heating is the most efficient way to heat your home and it saves space taken up by unsightly radiators.

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Carpets often need replacing, they are easily stained and aged by wear and tear. They hold on to odours and allergens, and they are not hygienic. If you have pets you will be only too familiar with the smells and pet hairs that get trapped in a carpet.

Carpets are hard to clean and given the fact that they need replacing every five years or so, the cost will eventually be more than if you had decided to refurbish your home with a quality hardwood floor.

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