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Great interior design trends to look out for this fall

12th October 2018

It's coming into the colder months but don't despair, we have some of the latest design trends to keep you cozy through winter.


Nordic stylings have been popular for a long time and that’s not looking to change any time soon. As the seasons change the look updates with different complimenting tones, deep blues with dusky pinks and greys. With this trend it’s all about the ways the colours and textures complement each other. Mix in earthy prints and stripped back light woodwork to complete the look.


Velvet Decadence

Velvet had made a big impact on the soft furnishing world this year. Now layering the velvet is set to be a big look for this coming season. It’s all about warm tones and clean lines with brass, marble and velvet all being key elements to create the look. You want to look luxurious but subtle, using good quality elements such as marble and brass help to create this understated look.


Japanese Influences

This winter we can expect to have an influence from the east. Oriental birds are huge at the moment and there are some spectacular prints available on cushions and other soft furnishings. Mix these with oriental silks and cherry blossoms to complete the look.

Berry Hues

This trend is touching on Alice in Wonderland. Warm berry tones, with midnight hues, brass tones and animal prints. It’s all about bringing the outside inside, cushion covers in chunky knits are reminiscent of winter jumpers. Luxe fabrics like faux fur remind us of woodland creatures. Big worn leather chairs to cosy up in and sit by the fire. Dark wooden furniture mirrors the change in seasons.

Take a look at the Berry Hues Natural Opulence range from Dulux (pictured opposite).



This style is all about eclectic pieces that work well together. Colourful Mexican rugs, with furs and tribal influences. You want to look like you have picked up the pieces travelling around the world and they just happen to work well together. Earthy tones, pottery and mismatched cushions are all great ways to achieve the look. Woollen throws with tassels and warm pigments help to create a cosy home this winter.

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