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Basement Conversions - Investing in your future

17th May 2018

Why convert a basement?

Converting or adding a basement to your property is a fantastic way to add space and value to your home.

If you’ve outgrown your home but love where you live, then adding a basement could be the ideal solution for you. Underground living has become more popular across central London over the last decade. Home owners in the outer suburbs of London and within the commuter bands are now also looking to maximise every scrap of available space.

Contrary to what many people believe, you do not need to have an existing basement or cellar to “convert” your basement. We can create a “retrospective basement conversion” which is a basement that is made beneath the existing floor space of your home. This can go further and extend beneath your garden, giving scope for plenty of imagination.

Adding value to your home

Experts say that every one pound spent spent adds at least three pounds to the value of your home, which is why homeowners are choosing to dig down rather than relocate. When you consider rising house prices and the cost of moving home these days, a basement conversion is good value!

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Planning your basement conversion

There are several factors to consider when planning your basement conversion but our experienced team of architects, engineers and specialist contractors provide our clients with a one stop basement solution.

An outline of what you can expect to pay for a basement conversion is detailed below, however for a more detailed estimate contact us today for a free no obligation free consultation.

Conversion Of An Existing Basement or Cellar

If you already have an existing basement or cellar space that doesn’t require any structural or waterproofing works, the cost of renovating should be around £1,200 per square metre depending on what the space is to be used for.

New Basement Excavation

If you do not already have a useable basement and a new basement excavation is required, then you will be looking between £2,400-£4,000 per square meter. The cost will be dictated by the complexity of the build and it will take into account variables such as site logistics, underpinning of walls and the rerouting sewers or drains.

Bespoke Basements

A large factor that has an impact on the overall cost of the project is how the room will be used. Popular uses for basements include living spaces such as cinema rooms, home gyms and office space. Projects like these that don’t require much in the way of complex details and designs which can be achieved for around the £2,000 per square meter mark. However for higher specification rooms, such as state of the art kitchens or underground swimming pools which require more complicated technical procedures, the cost will be at the top end, around the £4,000 per square metre.

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Additional extras

Taken from the ‘Basement Waterproofing Association’s’ guide to costs for basement conversions, below is an idea of the costs involved…..

Before you embark on your basement project ensure you take all of these factors into consideration to make your investment worthwhile.

By Basement Waterproofing Association

There's lots to consider when undertaking a basement project. Initially it can seem overwhelming and daunting to say the least, so why not contact us today for a free no obligation consultation. We can discuss your project and come up with a bespoke plan of action to make your dream a reality.

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