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5 simple ways to update your home

2nd May 2018

If you want to refresh the look of your home but you haven't got the budget for a big project, there are still lots of ways you can update your space.

Buy some plants

I know this sounds like a simple tip, but a few well-arranged plants can really change the feel of a room. They add a fresh touch of colour to a room as well as filling empty spaces to make a room feel cosier. The way you can display your plants is up to you, it’s time to get creative. Big, floor-based plants can be displayed in a statement plant pot or a sack or a basket. It’s all about bringing in different themes and textures to make the room feel more alive.

Hanging plants are also a big trend at the moment, think leaves spilling over the edge of the pot or basket to create a cascading effect. Again, the way you display these can vary greatly so have a look online for some inspiration and work out what would work best for your home.


Add some artwork to your walls

Adding artwork to your walls adds depth and texture to the room. It gives your guests a point of interest and shows your personality. Whether you prefer neutral tones in pinks and blues or brighter primary colours, adding some artwork to your wall will reflect your personality and style.


Change your throws and bedlinen

I know this sounds like a simple tip, but it is incredible the difference it makes to change the textiles you have in your room. New bedlinen always looks and feels great and adding a throw to this is an instant way to refresh the look of your bedroom. Likewise adding throws and cushions to your living room can completely change the tone of the space. Experiment with layering faux fur on top of your woollen throw and adding pattered cushions.


Matching colour splash

If you don’t have the budget to completely redecorate your home, then adding items in one colour can change the feel of a room. Using a theme colour like yellow or red and repeating this colour throughout the room can completely change how a room feels. Items such as lamps, vases, flowers and cushions are a fairly inexpensive way to update your look.

Red Accents

Add some new wallpaper

Big statement wallpaper is huge in the interior design world at the moment. Geometric wallpapers like these ones from World Of Wallpaper are a big trend, and well as metallic and botanical. These statement pieces can be used on one wall to refresh the look of your home without breaking the bank.

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