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5 Home decor mistakes that could damage the value of your property

24th July 2018

When you decorate it is easy to get carried away with current styles and your own particular tastes.

This can become an issue when you come to sell your property and it effects what people are prepared to pay for your home. Below are five of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging the value of your property.

Over stylised tiling

Tiling will often be a choice based on your personal taste. Patterned or coloured tiling choices can look great, but if it is not what a buyer is looking for then it will be something that needs changing. A nicely tiled kitchen floor will add value to a home and it definitely looks much better than a linoleum floor. Having said this, your best option to keep your property ready for resale is to pick a neutral colour like white or cream.

Pink Bricks

Textured walls and ceilings

Like wallpaper and tiles, a textured ceiling or wall is such a personal choice. Some people love it, some people hate it. To play it safe when it comes to the value of your property, keeping your walls and ceilings free of any textures is the best option. Textures are difficult to remove and they may effect how much a potential buyer is willing to pay for your property.

Plastered Wall 1

Too much carpet

A carpet is very often the first thing that is removed in a home renovation. Carpets can show damage very quickly and they age more quickly with wear and tear. Carpets can also hold odours, especially if you have any pets. To keep the value of your home, a good quality hardwood floor may be the best option. They are cleaner than carpets and much more hygienic. Stripping away your carpet and refurbishing your wooden flooring will also show any potential buyers that there are no nasty surprises hidden beneath the surface.

Carpet 1

Brightly painted walls and ceilings

A brightly painted room can completely change the effect of a room. Whilst it may match your decor or your furniture it may not work with what a potential buyer might want from the space. A good way to show your style without effecting the value of your home is to keep your walls and ceilings neutral and add coloured paintings and hangings to represent your individual style.

Bright Wall


Wallpaper can look great, but all too often it has been picked because it is bang on trend a particular time. Trends change and after a few years you can be left with wallpaper that needs replacing or removing. When you come to sell your home you will find that walls that are simply painted a neutral colour are the best option. If a potential buyer comes into your home they are likely to be put off by too much wallpaper that will need replacing as it's a tricky and lengthly process.

To make sure your property is always looking it's best it is best to keep in mind that trends come and go. To save yourself money and time it is best to keep the fundamentals of your home neutral and make the space your own by adding different textures and colours with pictures, rugs, cushions and wall hangings.

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